About Us

Anyone who owns or manages rental properties knows the problems and frustrations that come with the territory. Trying to make a profit from your resource requires that you manage the physical maintenance, personnel, bookkeeping, legal and compliance issues. In addition, you must handle sales and marketing of your property to attract new prospects as well as handle the public relations and customer service required to keep the residents you already have.

It's not an easy job, even when everything goes perfectly. Unfortunately, you know that things rarely do. Unexpected skips, habitual late pays, chronic complainers, criminal acts, fair housing inquiries, new laws and rules to follow, and other changes add to your daily frustration and disrupt your flow.

"In the beginning..."

Founder and President of Tenant Tracker, Keith Clifton, learned about these frustrations and problems first hand when he owned and managed rental property. He had already become experienced with the ins and outs of the business when the final straw was thrown on the proverbial camel's back.

One day he went to inspect one of his rental units after a skip and found what every manager or owner never wants to find: near complete destruction.

If it wasn't enough that he was out $17,000 in repair and replacement costs, he watched as the former resident moved into another property within shouting distance of his. That owner too paid the price for renting to the habitual problem residents. When they were done destroying the property of their latest victim, they moved on to yet another property only blocks away. That's when Mr. Clifton decided that something had to be done to prevent this type of problem from happening again. On October 11th, 1989 Tenant Tracker was born.

"There must be a better way."

Tenant Tracker began simply as a means for owners and managers to keep from inheriting each other's headaches. Since then Tenant Tracker has continuously added more services and features to solve many of the other problems faced by owners and managers every day, making your job easier and more profitable. Today, Tenant Tracker has members nationwide that range from independent owners of apartment buildings on up to the largest of management companies.

How You Can Benefit

It's unlikely that you would re-roof your own apartment building. It's not that you couldn't, it's just more cost effective to hire someone who has developed the core competency of roof repair and can do the job efficiently. Besides, you have better things to do with your time.

Likewise, Tenant Tracker can take a great deal of the burden of intelligently managing your resident portfolio off of your shoulders. When you know it's being done, and being done right, you can relax and focus on the multitude of other issues that only you can handle. Tenant Tracker has developed core competencies that you don't have the time or resources to develop so that you can achieve a higher level of management.