Residential Screening

Our mission is to help you do your job and reduce the workload for your onsite staff.

For less than the cost of the average application fee, Tenant Tracker can help you manage your residents during all 3 phases. Highly evolved systems and technology give you the best information for choosing the right residents for your property, Management Tools help you work with the resident throughout their stay, and collection & reporting services help you follow up after they move out.


Residential Screening, Guarantor Reports, Employment Screening, and the Guardian Shield

Credit Bureau Reports, National Criminal Records, and Check Writing Records

Over 30 Years in the industry our Customer Service and Training is second to none

Collection Services working day & night post to Equifax, Experian, & TransUnion

We Specialize In

  • Property Management Corporations
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Individual Rental Properties

Every property and every management team is different. That's why Tenant Tracker has various levels of service to choose from, so you can balance your needs and budget.

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Free Product Recommendation

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