Free Collection Processing

Tenant Tracker is not a collection agency. However, we will forward your collection accounts to an approved agency for FREE, where allowed by law, and you will receive the following:

Forwarding and posting to all 3 national credit reporting agencies
Weekly skip tracing for up to 7 years
Legally compliant dunning letters
Full service dispute resolution and negotiation center
Experienced legal oversight

The most important thing to remember about collecting bad debts is that you probably won't collect what you don't submit. Most of the time when a debtor finally pays up, it's because we've prevented them from renting another place, buying a car, or getting some other kind of credit - and that won't happen if you don't report your bad debts. Simply give us a breakdown of charges, check the appropriate box, sign and you're done.

Smart tips about how to get the most from your Debt Collection Procedures and Systems. First, let's review the basics of any successful collection process:

1. Report it - You won't collect what you don't report. Plus, unreported accounts leave you vulnerable to the chance of renting to them again, and generating another collection.
2. Focus - Is debt collecting your core business, and are you going to stay legally current? Ignorance of the law is no excuse - debt collecting is a highly litigious activity and is constantly changing. Regardless of any contract language, collection activities (including on-site activities) are highly regulated by both Federal and State laws.
3. Delegate - Assign the account to an outside agency - then from that point forward refer the debtors to that agency. Otherwise, you are pulling yourself back into the legal requirements and risks of how that account is being processed.
4. Use common sense - Don't let your ego get ahead of your business judgment. Something is better than nothing. Many accounts have room for negotiation and a fair business settlement. Keep in mind, you have already lost money on the account, and the last thing you need now is to let it bleed more business resources. In my experience, there are some honest disagreements, or at least the judge may see it that way, and pushing a lease collection to the courts has almost never turned out to be a cost-effective plan.
5. Adapt - Evaluate and adjust your resident selection criteria to avoid, in advance, as many of these accounts as possible.

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