"Without AccuTrack your lost sales are
becoming someone else's occupancy."

AccuTrack looks beyond the application to rescue fully qualified sales from database errors, overworked staff errors, and inaccurate scoring systems by applying our Quality Control Systems to resolve errors and validate critical information with professional care and respect for everyone involved.

The Patent Pending Process shown below defines how AccuTrack will recover sales that would normally be lost to static, statistical or rule based models:

   How does AccuTrack work for you?

  1. Applications are submitted to the web-based AccuTrack system.
  2. Criminal background checks are run and/or gathering of credit information.
  3. Qualified leads are returned to you.
  4. Our proprietary Quality Control System rescues additional qualified leads that would be lost to old static statistical or rule based models.
  5. Applicants that have been declined are notified by an AccuTrack Research Agent with all legally required disclosures.
  6. Resident performance is fed back to tailor fit your unique scoring model.  This constant Scoring Profile Refinement can add more qualified leads in the future.

Every application is golden.  Small fortunes are spent annually on advertising, landscaping, brochures, model units, staff, sales, curb appeal, website, etc.  All of these efforts, just to get them to submit an application and then they are lost due to inaccurate information. 

With AccuTrack the occupancy system is balanced and self-correcting.  In addition, you will never lose another sale because of inaccurate information, or have your staff put on the spot by angry applicants because we go the extra mile.

To test the system out, the transition is simple and painless, simply click here and a sales associate will be happy to answer any questions or provide you with more details.

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